Hardware Laboratory

Hardware Laboratory Information

Sr. No.Name & Particulars of ItemAuthority/ Order for PurchaseQuantityAmount
1Mother Board Trainer with CPU, Memory Model- MB100RWMCT DTC/PO-11/20/11-12154016.87
2Hard Disk Trainer Model- HDD-100RWMCT DTC/PO-11/20/11-11127172.12
3DVD Writer Trainer Model DVDR- 100RWMCT DTC/PO-11/20/11-10117460
4SMPS Power Supply Trainer Model- CSMPS-100RWMCT DTC/PO-11/20/11-9114841
5LCD Monitor Trainer Model LCD 100RWMCT DTC/PO-11/20/11-8154453.37
6Optical Mouse Trainer Model OPMOUSE 100RWMCT DTC/PO-11/20/11-718293.5
7Pendrive / Flash Drive Trainer Model Pen 100RWMCT DTC/PO-11/20/11-6110912.5
8Computer Socket Display BoardRWMCT DTC/PO-11/20/11-519821.25
9Computers Cables Display BoardsRWMCT DTC/PO-11/20/11-419821.25
10Computer Converters Display BoardRWMCT DTC/PO-11/20/11-3138193.75
Total Cost244985.61